And So It Starts

Welcome to the Dawn. – Prince

I have these two voices in my head. One says, “What do you have to say that hasn’t already been said before?”

The other says, “No one can say it in your voice.”

Unsure, full of self doubt, I’m going to listen to the second voice.  Perhaps you’ll start with me. Let’s go together, exploring, healing, uncovering and dealing with our “stuff”.  We all have it.  Some of us have big black Hefty bags of junk, some have monogrammed matching luggage, but we all have baggage. Stuff that we’ve been collecting and dragging from one season of life to the next.

I want to create a space where we can explore and discover. Discard the junk, and shine up the treasures.  I hope you can take away something useful.

Just for today:

Today, I will be curious. I will couch my judgement and try to keep an open mind.


God, guide my thoughts and actions, grant me knowledge of what you want from me and the courage to take action.



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31 thoughts on “And So It Starts

  1. Love your beginning…and the reason why your voice is so clear is because there’s no smack in my brain!

    Welcome to the Dawn-Prince

    When the things you know are right
    Are far from what they seem
    When the past becomes the future
    And time becomes a dream
    When the light of God
    Is the only thing in life that will redeem
    Welcome, welcome to the dawn
    When the voices you hear commands you
    To entertain the absurd
    When you do, the action unlocks
    The apocalypse of that you’ve heard of
    When the day lies before you
    Seems the dakness in a word
    Welcome, welcome to the dawn
    Every piece is a puzzle and every name a clue
    Every charge you make is karma
    So be careful what you do
    Welcome, welcome to the dawn.


  2. “…the courage to take action.”

    That’s a phrase I’ll carry around in my pocket today. I want the courage to take the RIGHT action: to speak for those who can’t, to act with love when my norm is to react with negativity, to honor my simple routine of daily living, without feeling that I’m not doing enough.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s installment, Heather. Brave girl!


  3. Love it! I have learned so much from you – technical information, but dealing with people and perspective – I cant wait to read what you have to see every week!


  4. Please begin. I look forward to hearing the words of wisdom and wonder from uniquely wired place called your brain!!


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