“A connecting principle,
Linked to the invisible” – Sting

I was listening to a keynote speaker, Major Dan Rooney, and he brought up the term Synchronicity.  Which always makes The Police song play in my head… (sorry)220px-Police-album-synchronicity

My next thought is where the word originally came from.  Carl Jung coined the word to express a concept that he defined as a connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena that is related by meaning rather than causation. In other words, synchronicity is a as a meaningful coincidence.  This coincidence is so profound to the person it’s happening to, that it could be considered a “sign”.  Maybe it’s a sign from a higher power, maybe it’s wishful thinking. How do you know? I believe you have to ask the people who know and love you. The ones who will call you out on wishful thinking.

I’ll share Julie’s story. Julie was living in Georgia with her husband and two kids.  The rest of her close knit family still lived in Florida.  One day her sister-in-law told her that the school district in her Florida town posted a new teaching job.  Julie sent her resume down on a Monday and was asked to fly down for an interview that same week.  Delta just happened to have a killer deal and she was able to get to Florida for under $200. She interviewed not just for that job but two others. By mid-week the following week she had an offer.  2 weeks later, Julie and her family relocated to Florida.  They moved into a lovely home (that she bought sight unseen). Not long afterwards, she started a great new job with killer benefits that allowed her to spend more time with her children. The move also afforded  her kids see more of their extended family.  I believe she was being led back to her home town to be closer to those who love her.  Every step of the way held a synchronistic moment.   Being a clever girl, Julie ran all of this by her close friends and family.  All of us said, “DO IT!” She did and it lead to a new chapter in her life.  THAT, my friends, is synchronicity.


It happens all the time, but we have to be paying attention.  That’s why it’s so important to be mindful and observant of what’s going on around us.  At the same time we have to balance our faith in the unseen with the pragmatism of day to day life.  That’s why we need people in our lives to help us.

Just for Today

I’ll practice being aware, looking for where God may be trying to get my attention, to direct my actions.  When I see something that feels meaningful, or “too coincidental” I’ll reach out to a friend and explore it.  I’ll balance open mindedness with pragmatism.


God, open my mind, my heart and my eyes to see what you’re doing. Grant me the vision to see where you want me to go. Help direct my thoughts and my actions to what you would have me do. Remind me that whatever you ask of me will always be unselfish, honest, pure and loving. If what I think you may want me to do doesn’t meet these criteria, help me see that whatever I’m considering is probably from my imagination and not from your direction.

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