“True ambition is the deep desire to live usefully and walk humbly under the grace of God.”

Bill Wilson

I’ve been thinking about ambition. You all know that I’m writing this blog. I also am working on a podcast that will launch sometime later this year. I also freelance as a corporate event producer. I’m a wife and a mom. In addition to my church and community involvement, I’m currently 1/3 of the way through a Yoga Teacher Training. A lot is going on in the Hutson/ Dellapi household.  

I have friends who are public speakers, authors, and life coaches. They host retreats and write books. 

I don’t write books. I don’t host retreats. I’m not a life coach or a public speaker. My amazing husband asked me recently, “What is the goal? Why are you investing all this time in the blog and the podcast?” The real answer is, “I don’t know.” 

My friends are working on their websites and refining their process and message. I wonder if I should be doing the same thing. Then I think, “Man, that looks like WORK.” 

I have a job, flawlessly executing high profile corporate events. But I only do that part-time. The rest of the time I follow the muse to the computer to peck out ideas that I share with you. I go to the mat and flow, shedding my outer layers. I mentor other women, I participate in Bible study and book club. I volunteer at my kid’s school. I have a full life of stuff. If I were to focus on building a new business, I would need to put down some of the myriad of other activities. Maybe then I would write a book, or speak at the local women’s conference, or sit across from Oprah on an episode of Super Soul Sunday.

There are more of us “everyday heroes” than there are superstars. I feel like somewhere along the lines we got mixed up. Our parents and teachers told us that we could be anything we wanted to be. We could become a star, the President of the USA, the CEO of a multinational corporation. And that’s true. We can become anything that we wish. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

 Just because you can conceive and believe, doesn’t mean you must achieve. 

You and I are the ordinary heroes. We are the ones that get up daily and make the coffee, feed the pets, make breakfast and pack lunches. I am profoundly happy being able to serve my little family. I bet that a lot of you feel the same way. 

The thing that makes us unhappy is believing that we should be doing something that will get Oprah’s attention. Something that would make us a household name. That people will quote us in their blog posts, “You know Heather would say…”  

Wishing for that kind of fame and fortune is an ego feeding proposition.

Let it go. 

If there is something that is creating a fire in your belly, then do it. 

For the rest of us, find the contentment in the day to day.  

Seek out the lessons to be learned the moment to moment. 

Study yourself, your reactions and perceptions.

Study wise texts, and listen to wise people.  

Practice contentment, gratitude, compassion, and joy.  

Then we will see that “…true love freely given surely brings a full return.” (Bill Wilson)

Just for Today

I’m going to let go of false ambition and pay attention to my current job. If I notice a new ambition developing, I’ll get curious and see where it leads. It may take some audacity to pull off, and if that feels right, then I’ll do that. If not, then I’ll wait to see what is revealed next.


God, you know the desires of my heart. Teach me what they are and give me clarity as to how you would make use of my talents, time, and desires. Show me the way to contentment and profound happiness.  

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