God is in the now.

Crying, freaking out, I called Merideth. She said, “Tell me what’s going on right this minute.”

“What’s this got to do with my crisis?”

She asked again.

“I’m talking on the phone with you. (duh)”

“What else?”

“I’m driving my car.”

“What else?”

“The air-conditioner is blowing.

“What else?”

“I don’t know what else. Why are you asking me these things?”

“Are you ok right this minute?”

“Um, I guess…”

“You can breathe?”


“Your heart is beating?”

“I see where you’re going with this.”

When we are here in this current moment we are really all ok. Of course, there will be times that the “now” is rather unpleasant. But that doesn’t mean that we are abandoned.  God is with us in this moment. He can hang out with us when the now kind of sucks just like he hangs out with us when the now is just fine.

Stay here now. Be here now.  Practice that for a while and see what happens.

Just for Today

Today, I will practice staying in this day. When my mind tries to reflect back on the past, or project into the future, I will gently remind myself to bring it back to the present moment.


God help me to remember that “all is well, all is well, in all manner of things, all is well.” (Julian of Norwich)


5 thoughts on “Now

  1. When I get all wrapped up in the drama of life, my therapist has taught me to ask myself if it’s an emergency. Of course it almost never is a real emergency, and that little reminder helps me have a better perspective! Thanks for this great topic, Heather. Beautifully written!

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