We cannot differentiate the true from the false. – Anon

We think that all of our thoughts are true.  Our experience is only life that we know. It never even occurs to us that our perception may be skewed.  We hold all of these beliefs that may not only be false, but extremely unproductive and ineffective.

How do we change this perception? We have to  become reasonable enough to listen to other’s perceptions of our situation.  It’s hard to get that kind of humility. It usually it requires some kind of humiliation.  But if we can acquire some morsel of teachability, open the mind just a wee bit, then other people’s experience can help reframe our own skewed perceptions.

It takes practice, a lot of practice, but over time things change.

I used to go to a job I hated, I used to worry that I would be in debt forever,  I thought I had the spiritual thing all worked out.

Thanks to my continued pursuit of God, the habit of self examination and willingness to modify my behavior and reshape my beliefs (plus some time) I love what I do.  I’m debt free, and have reinvented my understanding of God over and over.  See? Things change. Just like winter into spring.  Things change.

Just for Today

Today I will remember that my perception can be skewed. When I get stuck I will ask myself, “Is it TRUE?”


God, when my thinking  leads me to depression and despair, help me reframe my perception and not believe everything I think. Remind me that you want me to be at peace and harmony with you and the people around me.



6 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Fabulous article, Heather! Perception is everything. I love the advice to bounce ideas off of a sane person, to find out what “normal thinkers” would believe about a certain situation.

    Keep that creativity going!


  2. Truth is like a crystal with many faucets. No one faucet has a full view of the interior. The more faucets we peer through, the clearer picture we have. It is good to collect as many independent “data points” as we can when assessing an unknown situation.


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