“Resistance is futile, all will be assimilated.” The Borg

Sophia is a 3 year old delight. Pretty, cute as a button, a princess wrapped up in sugar and spice and everything nice.  Her mother, Jan, is just over 40 and desperately desires a sibling for sweet Sophia.  As a typical Type A, Jan has singular focus.  She talked about her ovulation, her temperature, her frustration with her husband.

After over a year of sorrow, frustration, and fight, Jan has come to face the fact that she isn’t going to have any more children. When asked how she came to this conclusion, she gave me a list of incidents that made her think, “Maybe God is trying to tell me something.”  She’s still sad and she still cries.

This made me think of resistance.  Resisting what is.  We could also call it a lack of acceptance.  It’s when you know the answer to a problem but you simply do NOT want THAT answer.  Like trying to hold back a flood, it’s impossible. Resisting the flood is exhausting and could prove fatal.

Sometimes the answer is no.  Flat out, unequivocal no. Just no.

WHY NOT? What’s wrong with my desires?  Doesn’t God want me to be happy? I’m sure that God knows the desires of my heart.  He knows what will fulfill my heart better than I do.

Resisting God’s best for me is only going to cause me anger, sadness and frustration.

Just for Today

Today I will ask myself what am I resisting? I will let go of that resistance and try to accept what is.


God,  I ask that you clear my resistance to your will, that you would help me to see where I’m trying to hold back the flood and help me to trust you more.  Give me the knowledge of your will and the power and courage to let go of those things that are preventing me from that knowledge.


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