“May our hearts open to know love, and may that love guide us into the depths of our deepest joy. May that joy be peace.” Seane Corn

As I was growing up I was told that God had a plan for my life.  I viewed God’s plan as a script, just give me the script, I would memorize my lines, learn the blocking and give a strong performance.

A few years ago I learned to look at God’s plan through a different lens.  Maybe God’s plan isn’t something I’m supposed to do but rather something I’m supposed to be.  After all, we are called human beings, not human doings. I was taught that God’s plan was for me (and all of us) to be happy, joyous and free.

Heck yea! Happy, joyous and free! But how exactly does one become these things? Various religious traditions teach a similar path, to search one’s heart and mind for selfishness, dishonesty, fear, resistance, and get rid of it.  Jesus teaches us to give it to Him.  The Buddha teaches us to let go of things that aren’t useful anymore.  Yoga teaches us to discharge it through breath and movement.

It’s a process.  If God’s plan is for me to be happy, joyous and free and I’m not, then why not? What am I holding on to that I need to let go of? I think that the freedom comes from releasing those things that are holding us hostage: grudges, resentment, victimization, pride. When we let go of this “ick” we are left with joy.

Joy isn’t predicated by external circumstances. It’s available to all of us, it’s part of our operating system. All we need to do is run a periodic system sweep, clean up the hard drive, delete those files we don’t need anymore. Then we’ll be running smoothly, and joyously.

Just for today

When I find myself getting overly reactive to a situation or person, I’ll pause and shift the focus back to myself. Is there something in my heart and mind that I need to let go of? In that pause, I’ll ask for some Divine Help and then release whatever it is so that I can again experience the joy that my Creator planned for me.


My Creator, please grant me the self awareness to recognize when I’m rattled due to my own emotional baggage. Help me to identify what is mine to release and what isn’t any of my business. Remind me to keep my eyes on what is within my control and grant me the willingness to let go of the things that are no longer useful to me.  Heal my heart and mind and grant me joy.


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