“I’d like to teach the world to sing/ in perfect harmony.”

I was in yoga class the other day and the teacher played a track of music and asked us to chant with it.  The whole class was chanting in unison, matching the same pitch as the leader, but her pitch was higher than my voice would go. So, being a singer, I dropped a third below.  (For all you non musical types, I chose a slightly lower note that harmonized.) After the class I was asking myself if I had done the exercise correctly. Was I supposed to be listening to the other students? Was I supposed to listen to the music?  Was it ok that I harmonized?

It got me thinking about harmony.  Remember when Mom said you were special? It’s true. There is no one else quite like you in this world. Yes, there are people with similarities but there is only one unique voice like yours.  When we bring our unique voice to the chorus of our community we add richness and beauty.

At the same time we need to be mindful that we are bringing harmony and not discord.  If I had shouted my note above all the other voices in the yoga class, I would have caused the other people around me to notice me, bringing them out of their own mediative experience. I would be distracting and annoying.  That is the opposite of harmonious.

It’s the same thing in the communities in which we live. If we are genuinely seeking to be part of something, we need to find our note and sing it. Find our space and fill it. Not attention seeking, not looking for glory, or praise. Simply being ourselves.

Just for today

Today I will be listening to those around me. I will be mindful of what I can add to make things richer and more harmonious.


God, as I go through my day, help me see when I am being self absorbed.  Help me to listen more and to flow with what you have presented to me.  Show me how you would like me to share the gifts you’ve given me.

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