Passion Project

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Oprah Winfrey

Tom has this big dream. It’s amazing, enormous and absolutely fantastic.  His best attribute is casting the vision for this beatific project.  When he tells you the why behind his vision, you feel it in your soul. You find yourself nodding along and saying, YES! I want to be a part of this!

When it comes to executing on this vision, he’s not able to move the project forward. He’s assembled the right team. They are all moving forward and then… they all stop.  They stop because they need him to complete some tactical tasks in order to move forward. As a result, his amazing and beautiful project languishes.

I think we call can relate.  Embarking on a passion project requires a huge amount of trust. First we has to trust in ourselves that we’ve found the right people with the right attributes.  We need to trust that the vision has been clearly communicated and interpreted. Then we must trust in the collaborative process. At some point in time, we are going to have to let go of  control and allow others to help bring the vision to life.

That’s the hardest part, to let go of control.  If the outcome doesn’t align exactly with the original vision it doesn’t mean that the whole thing is a failure.  It’s the exact opposite. When we hold more loosely to the vision in our heads and encourage the our collaborators’ natural abilities then we are apt to have a richer, more fully actualized  version of the original dream.

Just for today

I will let carefully selected people into my dream. Knowing that these people are trust worthy, I will encourage their abilities while gently pointing them toward the vision.  I will do my part and let go of the outcome.


Love, please enter my heart and mind. Clear away the resistance, the fear, the grief, anything that is standing in the way of bringing my dreams to fruition.  I know that you planted these dreams in my heart and mind and that you are on my side.  Help me to trust in you more.

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