Let go

“Love is what’s left when you let go of absolutely everything you don’t need.”

Erich Shiffman

“I can’t let go of everything. What will I be? I don’t want to be a non entity.”

I completely get it. What would it look like if I were to let go of everything? Would I become nothing?  Does my whole personality disappear if I let go of absolutely everything I don’t need?

What if we let go of fear? Fear that we won’t get what we want. Fear that we will lose what we have.

What if we let go of shame? Those feelings that I am not enough, that I need to do more, have more, be more.

What if we let go of doubt? Doubt that there is a Benevolent Power greater than me that is actually on my side.  Someone or Something that is completely trust worthy and is able to help me out in every day situations.

What if we let go of control? Expectations? Grief? Self Righteousness? Judgement? Pride?

What would be left?  Erich Schiffman (and the Beatles) are right.  All we NEED is love.  When we let go of control and expectations, we are no longer battered by the actions of others. We move more effortlessly through the day.  When we let go of self righteousness and judgement, we aren’t in constant conflict.  Whether we speak with self-righteous judgement or merely think it, the ick sticks and the mind isn’t a friendly place to dwell.

Love can dispel fear. It assures us that we are indeed enough.  We don’t need anything else but Love.  Love wins every time.

Just for today

When these thoughts and feelings come up, I’ll inhale and exhale.  I’ll make a decision to let go of whatever it causing me to feel anxious, depressed, angry or plain irritable. I will exhale the crap that’s not working for me and inhale Love.


My Love, thank you so much for providing every thing I need. Help me to remember that you are all that I need. Give me the strength and courage to trust you and to let go of the stuff that stands between us.

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