You satisfy my soul (satisfy my soul)
Every little action (satisfy my soul)
There’s a reaction (satisfy my soul)
Oh, can’t you see what you’ve done for me, oh, yeah
I am happy inside all, all of the time

Bob Marley

We talk about the soul often “satisfy my soul”, “soul searching”, ‘”soulmate” but what exactly is it? What part of me is my soul?  I’ve often confused my soul with my emotions. Then I discovered yoga. While practicing this physical exercise I discovered the difference between my thoughts/ feelings and my soul.

I can’t explain it properly but the closest explanation I’ve heard is the ‘subtle body’. The part of me that isn’t thinking, that isn’t feeling, that simply is.  I only find the ‘subtle body’ while I’m practicing yoga or meditation.  It feels like a pulsing, swirling or unfurling.  Honestly, if I hadn’t had this experience myself, I would think that this whole post is a whole lot of metaphysical mumbo jumbo, but I have had this experience.

This experience is creating an awareness of the mysteries of my God. He literally moves in mysterious ways.  Through this mystery my soul is healed.  Healed of the heartbreak and grief that I didn’t even know I still had. The shame that permeated every action I once took is lessened because of this awareness.  The awareness is completely different that intellectual knowing.  I don’t have to intellectually know. I don’t have to understand. I just have to acknowledge whatever my subtle body is showing me and let it go.


This is counter intuitive to common therapeutic practices. We are taught that if there is lot of friction in your relationships that you probably are in the midst of some kind of behavioral compulsion created by childhood wounds.  In order to heal those wounds you have to dig them up, look at them, feel the emotions associated, forgive those who hurt you and then let it go.  And that’s all true. However, there appears to be an additional layer.  That is the layer of the soul, or the spirit.  Allowing Something Higher, some kind of Creative Intelligence to come in and clear out those places where we were hurt, creates a clear space. In that space we are able to allow for new experiences. New joys can replace old hurts.  As a practicing Christian, I believe that’s what Paul meant when he talks about having a new life in Christ.  When I allow God to come in and clear away the old junk in my heart, mind, and soul, then I have room for Freedom and Joy.  That’s what I want. I believe that’s what we all want, right?

Just for Today

I’m not going to try and figure it all out. I’m going to choose to trust in an infinite God instead of my human and finite brain.  Today, I’ll practice meditating. Maybe for just 5 minutes. I will create some space for my God to enter into my soul and satisfy it.


God, help me to relax and trust you more. When my mind starts in trying to figure stuff out, or fabricate reasons for “this, that, or the other”, gently guide it back to you. You say you are the Great I Am. Help me to settle into and trust this simple statement.

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