It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on last year and make some choices about what we want out of this year.  There are two camps when it comes to #NewYearNewYou There’s the goal setting, vision board making, strategic focused camp and the why-bother-with-stupid-new-year-resolutions-no-one-sticks-to-them-anyway camp.

I am firmly in the latter camp.  That being said, I have dutifully reviewed last year’s planner, made note of the way that I spent my time and actually felt pretty good about it.  But something was still nagging at me. Like I should have some kind of goal.

Do I lack ambition? SHOULD I be doing more?  Yes, last year was good, but could it actually be better?

not enoughI think that this idea that good isn’t good enough is born from a belief that we need more. There is a strong pull in our society that says what we have isn’t enough, what we do isn’t enough, who we are isn’t enough.

Regardless of what camp you’re in, all of us can fall into the not enough trap.  How can you tell if you’re in the trap? Ask someone who loves and knows you.  You may be suffering from a false belief. Or maybe you just need to go through the process of creative ideation, of day dreaming, of imagining what your life could look like.

Don’t be scared. Super Soul SundayIt’s not like you have to be on Oprah to be a success in your career. Or that you need to make six figures this year in order to be a financial superstar.  You don’t need to lose 40lbs or go vegan.

Maybe as you go through the ideation process, you’ll notice where you could make some small tweaks. Maybe you decide to take the stairs, save 2% more of your income, have one date night a month with your spouse. Little things. Small increments invested over time will become something substantial after a year.

Just for today

I will drop the resistance and recognize the lie that I am not enough.  I will trust the appraisal and ideation process, keeping an open mind. I will listen and try to intuit what my Higher Power has in store for me this year.  I will remember that true ambition is to be useful to others and to walk humbly in God’s will.


Help me to let go of the old belief that I’m not enough just as I am. Take away my stubborn resistance and my ego driven grandiosity and replace them with a genuine desire to seek and do what you want for me.  Help me to see myself the way you do. Grant me contentment in my life today and a sincere desire to grow in effectiveness in the future.

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