“There’s always complications, weird vibrations, frustrations, have patience”

Sophie B Hawkins

We all feel that way sometimes, “What’s the dad-gummed point?” Makes us wanna throw up our hands and go back to bed, or eat a lot of ice cream, or whatever our “zhuzge” is.

Somewhere along the line, we learned that only good feelings were acceptable. Here in the south we are taught to be sweet- no matter what. “Ya’ll be sweet now.”  Maybe we had upbringings where showing emotion was frowned upon. Perhaps it was the other way around, where there was so much negative emotion we became the peace makers.

Regardless of the reason, as grown up people we really can’t live that way anymore. We need to feel  whatever it is all the way through to the end. Like a good morning stretch, we reach our arms way over our heads while our legs pull away, we breathe all the way in and stretch a little tiny bit more and then we exhale and let it all go. Feels good, doesn’t it? To complete the thing, and then let it go.


Just For Today

Today I will try to let the feelings come up and let them go as they present themselves. I will not stuff them into my sack of pent up emotions so that they come out all at once and at the inappropriate time.


God, it feels so much better to be happy and excited than sad or bored. Help me to remember that the whole Skittles rainbow of emotions are from you and none of them are to be loathed or avoided.  Help me to move through my emotions with grace and to let them go when it’s time. Thanks for allowing me the freedom to feel and thanks for hanging out with me while I’m experiencing my emotional life.

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