“Imagine all the people, living life in peace” – John Lennon

I feel like there is a movement within American culture that seeks to control and shape the society.  This movement has created a whole segment of people who are suffering from a sense of false enlightenment.  I say “false” because this form of enlightenment appears wrought with self righteous indignation born out of perceptions that were shaped by some kind of trauma. firehose Instead of looking within to shed the layers of scar tissue and protective walls to heal those wounds, the people in this movement open up the blame hose and spray the blame across everyone else.  “It’s all yooooouuuuurrrrr faaaaauuuulllltttt!”

This doesn’t really help society.   Marches on Washington, creating hashtags, accosting politicians in public places just because of differing ideologies isn’t going to change the world.  What is going to change the world is the hard work of going within and treating that part of the self that is suffering.  That part that is uncomfortable with the actuality of reality.  That part that feels compelled to change other people to make themselves feel better.

What if everyone who was ‘woke’ was actually self aware. Self aware enough to realize that the  righteous indignation is a signal that there is something within us that needs to be healed?

What if we actually went into the dark part of our personalities and uncovered the unconscious id that fills us with anxiety, dread, depression or rage?

What if we got rid of that crap in our souls to make room for something Greater, something Lighter, something more Joyous?  What would society look like?

I think that most, if not, all of society’s ills would be cured. Of course no one is an island, going into the darkness is scary, and we will need people to walk us through it.  If we all made a concerted effort. If we all tried, we really could change the world.  The problem isn’t “them”. It’s never been “them.” The problem, and the solution, is us.  It’s within us.  All we have to do is go inside to slay the dragon and heal the wounded heart.  slay-the-dragon-michael-myers

Just for Today

I will cultivate awareness. I realize that peace begins with me. Whenever I notice my outrage or indignant anger, I will ask myself what is it in me that finds this person, place or thing so offensive.  I will look at this less than lovely part of myself and ask God to remove it from me. Then I will be on the look out for it. When that specific thing surfaces again, I will immediately let it go.


God, reveal the old beliefs and old stories that tell myself. Show me how they aren’t useful anymore, and grant me the willingness to let them go.  Help me to be happy and healthy and free. Heal the wounds of my soul and fill my heart with love.

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