Humility = Unity

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m judge-y. And self-righteous. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe. (I say with false humility) But I am.

Shirzad Chamine says in Positive Intelligence that all of us live with a Judge in our brains.  He posits that internal saboteurs derail us from living harmoniously in the world.  Nine other little imps also bug us (hypercritical, hyper-vigilant …), but every human has a Judge.

This Judge sits up on his bench and metes out his decrees, “This one is wrong, this one is right, this one deserves my respect, this one deserves my disdain. This one is beautiful. Isn’t it a pity this one overeats and is too heavy? I’m glad I’m not like her.”

2020 is the most bizarre, conflicted year of our collective lives.  The fabric of this year is shot through with fear.  The unknown is looming out there like a boogeyman waiting to drop another pile of steaming horse poop on us. Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s raining shoes.

Indulging in self-righteous judgment is like getting drunk. It can feel fantastic when you’re at the party, and everyone is laughing and dancing and having a blast. But in the morning, you have a headache, dehydration, and a brittle plastic heart that’s been out in the sun too long.

As long as there is someone else that we can say is wrong, we feel better.  We are all out of sorts during this crazy year, so it makes sense that we would gravitate toward anything that assuages the discomfort.

Do you want social justice? Do you want the American Way of life restored? Do you want clean air and clean water? Do you want the freedom to carry a gun? Worship the way you want? Remove plastics from the oceans?

Practice humility. This is the way to unity. Genuinely listening to other people to understand what they think and believe. No one says you have to agree, but try to understand.

Practicing this kind of humility heals the division within your own heart and mind. 

Paul Simon wrote, “I know what I know, I’ve seen what I’ve said.” When we are truly confident in our soul’s convictions, we don’t need to judge others for their beliefs.

We can trust that they are on their path and that we are on ours, and that Sky Dad loves us and cares for us all. (All means all, not just us. But for us AND them.)

Let’s take off the blinders of red and blue, black and white, Christian and atheist, science and faith, us and them. Let’s recognize that we are all one. We are all made of stardust. We are all the same. Seek common ground, then listen.

Just for today

I will practice humility, respect, and love, even with people whose personalities rub me the wrong way. I will try to set aside my prejudices, and instead of trying to make someone understand me, I will seek to understand them.


God, can you please do something with our divided and fractured world? Fear and judgment are running rampant, and only your Perfect Love can mend this divide.  Help me to act as your agent, to unite and heal where I am.  

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