Frustrations and Expectations

“I should have just paid for the damn Uber.” My friend had been planning her trip to the airport for a week.  NOTHING was going according to plan, it was like the whole Universe was saying, “Give it up! Let me drive!” Public transportation was 45 minutes delayed due to mechanical difficulties, and she missed her flight.

Frustrated is too soft a word to describe the level of angst she was experiencing. “I was able to get on Southwest to San Jose for $70.” Turns out that San Jose was closer to her sister’s house than the originally planned San Fransisco.

“Dude, you need to shift your perspective.  God is totally giving you a gift here.  You’re going on Southwest which is scads better than Frontier, you’re getting closer to you’re sister’s house and your doing it all for less than the Uber would have been. It’s a gift. Quit fighting it and accept it.” Thus sayeth St. Heather, all hail me. But seriously, she was being handed a much better travel experience this way.  The delay on public transportation was a serendipitous gift.

Ins’t it interesting though? We all do this. We get it in our heads the way it’s supposed to be, and then when stuff starts to slide sideways we start playing Twister with our expectations. “Must. hold.on. must. put. right. hand. on. green. circle.”  What happens? Frustrations, complications, negative sensations.

tubing-in-helenHere’s the deal; my girl was going to California today. How she got there was really in God’s hands.  She was under the illusion that she had some control. But no one, I mean no one has control (especially after going through security). Surrendering to the journey is like that.  When we hold on tight to our little plans and ideas, we can get frustrated with detours and changes in direction. If we hold on more loosely, truly trusting  that there is an Intelligent Force in the Universe that is guiding our lives, then we can let go of the original plan and embrace the new one as it unfolds.  Like floating down the river in a pink inner tube, we can relax the peaceful parts, soaking up dappled sunlight, then  giggle with delight when the water roils over the rocks.

Just for Today

When I find that I am clenching my teeth, that nothing is going right, I will stop. Maybe I need to shift my perspective. What is my expectation? Can I maybe let that expectation go and accept what is happening instead?


Hey God, Can you help me today? Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I want to do or what I think other people should do that I totally forget that you are large and in charge. I’m only human and I do it all the time. Will you grant me the ablity to pause, to see where you are working, and to get out of your way.  Give me the willingness to allow you do what only you can do.  Help me trust you more.

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