“Resistance is futile, all will be assimilated.” The Borg Sophia is a 3 year old delight. Pretty, cute as a button, a princess wrapped up in sugar and spice and everything nice.  Her mother, Jan, is just over 40 and desperately desires a sibling for sweet Sophia.  As a typical Type A, Jan has singular […]


We cannot differentiate the true from the false. – Anon We think that all of our thoughts are true.  Our experience is only life that we know. It never even occurs to us that our perception may be skewed.  We hold all of these beliefs that may not only be false, but extremely unproductive and […]


God is in the now. Crying, freaking out, I called Merideth. She said, “Tell me what’s going on right this minute.” “What’s this got to do with my crisis?” She asked again. “I’m talking on the phone with you. (duh)” “What else?” “I’m driving my car.” “What else?” “The air-conditioner is blowing. “What else?” “I […]


We must avoid the deliberate manufacture of misery. –  Anon. Nothing is more miserable than self pity. Can I get an amen?  All you can think about is you and how miserable you are. And then you’re  in this miserable bubble.  And no one sets out to be in a miserable bubble. It’s not like […]